December 2015 Regional Economic Update

Some of you have already seen the results of the December 2015 Regional Economic Update, but if not, take a moment to review the stats for the region. It is a good news picture!

This update is provided quarterly, and is based on the most recently released  data from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), available through the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (based on data released for 2nd quarter of 2015).

Here are some highlights:

Job Growth Overall: 2.8%
3-Year Job Growth: 7.1%
Job Growth in Key Industries: Construction 10.8%
Accommodations & Food Service 2.3%
Agriculture 13.32%
Healthcare 3.0%
Labor Force: 6.0%
Unemployment: 0.3%
Annual Earnings: 2.3%
Real Estate Transactions: 17.8%
New Unit Sales: 190.9%

From Northwest Colorado Council of Governments


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